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Fixed-Income Funds

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About Marret

Marret Asset Management Inc. is a specialist fixed income manager focused on corporate credit strategies. With mandates in investment grade credit, short-term cash alternatives, high yield and opportunistic distressed, our focus is on achieving positive absolute returns with emphasis on risk management.

Investment Process


Top down analysis

Macro-economic indicators, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, industry outlook


Fundamental analysis

Qualitative: Industry position, management, historical & projected earnings;

Quantitative: Liquidity, accounting ratios, and practices, technical


Security analysis

Valuation, technical upside/downside assesment

Systematic Risk Management

Interest rates


Credit Spreads

Arrow UpTop down

Key Investment Themes

Economic, Secular, Political, Market

Identify secular trends that could impact securities and overall portfolio

Arrow DownBottom up

Extensive Due Diligence

Industry, Company, Security

Identify securities that offer attractive return/risk characteristics

Marret Asset Management Investment
Marret Asset Management Investment



The firm was founded in 2001. In the early years, Marret focused exclusively on high yield mandates for private investors and institutions. The high yield mandates’ returns approached equity-like levels, while providing the benefit of lower volatility.


A risk management focus helped Marret avoid the severe losses experienced by markets in the financial crisis of 2008-09.


In 2009, Marret added investment grade credit capability. Marret now offers a full spectrum of corporate credit investing strategies covering investment grade, high yield, short term cash alternatives, and opportunistic fixed income strategies for both core and alternative allocations.


Became a 65% owned subsidiary of CI Financial Corporation.


At January 2020, AUM totaled ~$4 Billion across all strategies.