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Marret Private Wealth

Who We Are

Marret Private Wealth is dedicated to providing best in class fixed income and credit solutions to Family Offices, Investment Counselors, Foundations and High Net Worth Individuals. Through a unique investment process, focused on proprietary market analysis, intelligence and timing, we offer a range of award-winning fixed income solutions that optimize risk adjusted returns, through the economic, credit and interest rate cycles.

As a division of Marret Asset Management, with over C$5 billion in assets under management, we have in-house access to proprietary research for both “top-down” and “bottom-up” analysis. Marret’s 20-year track record of accurate risk assessment has enabled the firm to become one of the largest distributors of fixed income and credit liquid alternatives in Canada.

Our clients benefit from an invaluable level of personalized service and shared research insights, that assist beyond fixed income to overall optimal asset allocation decisions.

What Sets Us Apart

We actively manage assets and risk.

We believe active management is the responsible way to steer fixed income and credit assets through the coming decade. We also know we must preserve capital and deliver performance in difficult times to earn the right to continue strong partnerships in better times.

Our top-down macro investment process aims to produce industry-leading risk-adjusted returns with a minimum of volatility. We’re all about providing reliable performance our clients can count on.

We’re specialists with extensive experience.

Marret’s portfolio team members have managed assets through many business cycle’s and market environment’s. At the same time, the firm knows its strengths and focuses its expertise on the main drivers of the flow of capital: fixed income and credit.

We provide advice tailored to each client.

Institutional investors share certain qualities – sophisticated, informed, forward-looking – but every one of them is unique. We listen carefully to each client’s needs, views and priorities and incorporate what we learn into our recommendations and investment process.

We’re also passionate about sharing the latest research and global perspective on the markets and leverage this passion to ensure timely conversations that give clients an opportunity to act on new information.

We’re a diverse, inclusive, agile team.

Our team isn’t the biggest, but we believe it’s the best. We’re a group of curious, creative, well-rounded professionals who celebrate the diversity in our points of view and amplify each others’ skills and knowledge through open, honest dialogue. We take pride in our entrepreneurial drive, culture of teamwork, and the trust we have in each other.

On the portfolio management side, different generations complement each other. Portfolio managers with decades of experience collaborate with younger investment professionals who bring innovative technological solutions, quantitative modelling expertise, and fresh ways of thinking to our investment process and risk management.

Our Strategies

Marret Asset Management’s strategies cover a spectrum of fixed income and credit solutions, with clear risk/return objectives and flexibility to adapt to phases in the business cycle and our assessment of opportunities in the market environment.

Get In Touch

We’d love the opportunity to discuss the value Marret Private Wealth can add to your investment portfolio, whether you’re a family office, investment counsellor, foundation, endowment or not-for-profit corporation. Please contact us for more information.